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When I purchased my Browning BPS about two years ago I wanted to take full advantage of the rifled barrel.  Having never used a rifled barrel on a shotgun before, I started to do my research.  I talked to friends and family who use sabot slugs as well as did a ton of reading online.  I settled on Lightfield slugs.  I wanted to be able to reach out to 100+ yards and still have great knock down power.
I decided to try the Hybred-Elite 3" sabot slug and I have never looked back! One of the great things about Lightfield is they list their ballistics on their website and the box, which allows you to sight in your slug gun more easily.  For the Hybred-Elite 3" slugs, it is recommended that you sight-in at 50 yards and ensure that you are shooting about 2.5 inches high at this distance.  Once you have 50 yards set it will ensure that you are dead-on accurate at about 125 yards! 

Now you might say "125 yards? That's it?". Well remember we are talking about a slug gun here...sure, modern day rifles shoot well over that distance, but where I do a lot of hunting in Upstate New York you can't use a rifle so you have to get the most of your shotgun!  Remember traditional slugs out of a smooth bore shotgun barrel are most effective inside of about 60-75 yards;  Yes you can take longer shots and many have been successful, but your accuracy starts to deteriorate.

Back to the Hybred-Elite slugs: I've used these for two seasons now and have had great success.  I've taken two bucks with these slugs and boy do they hit hard!  The first buck I took was a decent 4 point dropped in its tracks at about 40 yards.  The second buck was an 8 point at about 80 yards that ran a short distance and dropped.  These slugs are very accurate, I can shoot 1 inch groups at 50 yards and they perform the same at 100 yards and beyond. Also, as advertised their knockdown power is unbelievable; the best I've seen in a slug yet.  They expand and do maximum damage to the game you are shooting.

Now I'm not done yet!!!  Lightfield has also developed what they call Same Site Accuracy.  Same Site Accuracy allows you to sight your gun in with the Hybred-Lites and they guarantee that you can shoot two other slugs and have the exact same performance!  That's one sight-in session and three slugs to choose from for your different hunting needs.  They have this available for 12 gauge and 20 gauge slugs!  Now even though some of the slugs have lower velocities, where one goes the others will go as well.  The slugs available are : Hybred-Elite 3", Hybred-Lites - which are reduced recoil and the most accurate out of rifled choke tubes, and the Hybred Exp which is the standard slug in 2 3/4".

Let's talk price.  The Hybred-Elites run about $14 a box, Hybred-Lites $13, and the Hybred-Exp come in at $13 as well.  These are by no means cheap slugs but they really do perform as advertised. Lightfield also has another line of ammunition they call the Commander IDS Plus Series.  These slugs are available in 12 and 16 gauge and are a high velocity, stable slugs that are made for larger game at long distances.  They offer one of the only available 3 1/2 inch slugs on the market (whoa!).

Ok, so now I'll get off my soap box, but I honestly do recommend these slugs to anyone looking for a good sabot slug for their rifled shotgun!  Now I do need to give a bit of a warning:  Although the knock down power of the 3" slug is great, it does pack quite the punch to the shooter in the form of kick when shooting these bad boys!  The kick is not unbearable and I never notice it while hunting, but if you are planning to shoot multiple boxes in the back yard during a sight-in or practice session, you might get a sore shoulder.

Has anyone used these slugs before?

-Paul Nicolucci 

11/10/2011 07:33:22

I use the Hybred-Elite 3" out of my Hastings rifled scoped barrel at $16.99/box + tax (ouch!) from the local sporting goods store. The big box stores (e.g., Walmart and Dick's) don't carry them. I used to use the 3" IDS Commander but Lightfield has phased them out. I have had excellent results with both types with numerous kills well over 100 yds. with the longest at 139 yds. These slugs have tremendous knockdown power. FWIW, I have heard that 2-3/4" is all that one needs in a slug but I have not done an actual comparison. Has anyone? Since they seem more readily available, I suspect there is a good price differential.

6/13/2013 13:48:46

i just bought 2 boxes of the hybrid Lightfields 2]3'4 inch slugs for my rifled iron sight mossberg 500 12 ga i hear the results are devasting on its target

John Zimmerman
10/9/2013 12:19:50

Hardest hitting sabot I've tried. Last deer was a 140 lb dressed 8 point at 60 yards. Placement through both shoulders and the buck sat back on its rear and fell over. Not one step. Box to box - lot to lot accuracy from my 870 Express cantilever fully rifled barrel w/Tasco 2x 7x.

Allen Robinson
12/21/2014 21:18:02

I shot two boxes of these shells to qualify for a deer reduction hunt at several large parks in New Jersey. We are limited to shooting 40 yards, (there are hikers in the park).
I was surprised at how accurate the shells are. I am using the 2 3/4 shells for reduced recoil. I grew up In Texas so this is the first time to use a shotgun for hunting deer.
The weight of the slug at such reasonable range combined with keyhole accuracy should work well.


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