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I bought a Browning BPS about two years ago that was coated with Dura Touch, the coating that Browning uses to place a camo pattern on their firearms.  I've only shot about 50 rounds through this gun, which I use as a dedicated slug gun mainly for deer.  I shot the BPS this past weekend and after cleaning the gun I noticed that the coating was peeling away at the muzzle of the barrel. 

I can only attribute this to the coating not holding up against the powder solvents that are used to clean the inside of the barrel.  Unfortunately, after a quick Google search, I found that many folks have had this same issue; some have sent it back to Browning but have been told that this is due to "normal wear and tear".  I'm pretty disappointed with this and am currently looking into an alternative company to have this barrel dipped in the same camo pattern, in a coating that is more durable. 

I'll let you know after the upcoming season who I decide to go with and just how good it holds up.  I'd like to hear from others if they have experienced similar issues with Dura Touch coatings, so leave a comment below!

-Paul Nicolucci

vince driggers
04/21/2012 8:50pm

I am experiencing problems witht the dura touch finish on my 20 ga gold hunter. The finish has become tacky and not comfortable to hold. I am very disapointed with this finish.

05/12/2012 4:48pm

I have a 12 guage BPS NWTF model with the same sticky problem how do you fix it?

05/31/2012 11:08am

I have heard of some folks sending the guns / barrel back to Browning for repair some have had success some have not but it seems as though the problem reoccurs it's just a matter of time it seems. I wrote another post here:

I have yet to try this but it sounds like a worth while alternative. Once I do try it I will let everyone what my thoughts are.

12/02/2014 7:36pm

I have the same problem with mine being sticky. How do you clean it off.

12/02/2014 9:07pm

Hey Don
i sent the forearm and buttstock back to browning and they sent me new ones which took about a week. you have to include the serial # of the gun with the parts. google browning to get the service # and give them a call.

Bob Swien
12/14/2014 9:14am

I have a Browning 10 GA Auto Loader with Dura Touch Mossey Oak finish. After taking it out of the safe and touching the stock and forehand grip I noticed it felt way to sticky. I plan to contact Browning this week to learn of a correction or resolution to this problem. The rest of the gun is okay. Has anyone had success with Browing regarding this?

Dave Phillips
08/25/2013 8:19pm

I purchased a new 10 ga auto 12 years ago. Ordered from Factory. I have never shot it. I got it out this summer planning on a goose hunt this fall. It is not a little sticky. It is real bad. I emailed customer service and they said to send it in. Would not comment any more than that. I am going to try to get them to be more specific before I spend the money to send it. I should not have to spend a penny to have this repaired.

08/25/2014 8:44pm

Same problem here with 10 ga bps ! So sticky can't get it off your hands when u touch it!!!

Robert Ahlum
10/23/2013 8:31am

Is there a fix for the sticky finish. I've had my bps camo finish for eight years and just got it out of gun safe for upcoming turkey season and its sticky everywhere the finish has been applied. Very disappointed but more interested in finding a fix

Randy Weikert
07/02/2014 5:27pm

I purchase an A-Bolt Mountain Titanium with the Mossy Oak Dura-Touch finish in 2007. I used it for a number of years and then it sat in my gun safe for a couple of years. When I removed it from the safe late last year the stock was so sticky you wouldn't want to hold it. Almost like the stickum football players use. Going to contact Browning tomorrow to see it there is anything they will do for it. I'll you everyone know if anything positive occurs.

Brown Ning
08/12/2014 11:12pm

got the same problem with a gun of mine. Any word from browning yet?

07/08/2014 4:57pm

send it back to browning. Any Luck?

08/18/2014 12:57am

i have a browning gold that i brought in 2004 and now in 2014
i am having the same sticky problem with the stock on my shotgun.i called browning and was told to send the gun to their service center so they can try and find a gun has never been shot or out of my gun's a gold 3 1/2 with the dura coating camo

10/01/2014 2:31pm

i just received my new forearm and buttstock from browning,it took about a week to send and receive.i can tell by the feel of the forearm stock that in the future i will have the same is the number to the browning service center 800-322-4626. they will ask you to remove the stocks and send them to them along with the serial # of the firearm..

David Lynn Hays
02/21/2015 11:21pm

I have a Browning Gold 12 gauge that is lousy with sticky, tacky camouflage. Very disappointed in Browning in putting out a product of such inferior quality and not correcting the problem.

02/26/2015 4:44am

Comment about the dura touch sticky stock problem that Browning is having. I contacted Browning around September 2014. Told me theywere on back order. Told me I didn't have to send my old stock in. Called them again in December 2014 was told they wouldn't be in til end of January 2015. It soon will be the 1st of March and still no stock and forend as of yet. I believe Browning doesn't want to take care of there defective products. It feels like they are trying to pull my leg.

03/03/2015 6:02pm

i think once word got out they got flooded with request for replacement parts.i guess i just happen to be one of the first
to request my replacement i said it took about a week for me to send and recieve.good luck i hope things work out for you.

03/10/2015 4:51pm

Have the same problem with my Browning BPS with NWTF camo. The stock and forearm is real sticky and coating is coming off of forearm. Browning needs to do a full recall on these guns and fix this problem.


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